D. A. Terre
Interaction designer | Experience engineer

The Arnona Race

The first point & click adventure game created by animator/game designer duo Alon Simon & Oren Rubin (later of Lost in Play and Office Quest). The game gained widespread attention in Israel during the tent protests of 2011-2012 and was featured in both local and international media.

The immersive website (no longer available) was created to allow playing the full Flash game online with additional documentary videos, goodies and secrets.


Independent production


Febuary 2012


  • Created by Alon Simon & Oren Rubin
  • Additional programming by D. A. Terre
  • For website:
    • Interactive design & programming by D. A. Terre
    • Illustration by Alon Simon & Oren Rubin


interactive design, coding, web, flash, html