D. A. Terre
Interaction designer | Experience engineer

Blind Drive

Blind Drive is an audio-based, black comedy arcade action game.

You're blindfolded and going against traffic. Cars rushing past, angry drivers yelling at you. Cops on your tail. And you can't see a thing. Can you do it?

Winner of the Grand Jury Award at IndieCade and the Grand Prize at Tokyo Game Show SOWN.

Finalist at the 2021 Apple Design Awards and Independent Game Festival (IGF).

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Independent production by Lo-Fi People


March 2021


  • Created by Giori Politi & D. A. Terre
  • Sound design & level design by Giori Politi
  • Screenplay, programming & animation by D. A. Terre
  • Graphic design by Shira Nathan


game design, narrative design, coding, unity, ios
Blind Drive awards and recognition - IndieCade, Apple Design Awards, IGF, Tokyo Game Show and more
Sequence from the underwater level
Screenshot of the main menu
Screenshot of the chapter menu
Sequence from the police chase level
Screenshot of the crash screen with sarcastic motivational tips
Screenshot of the ice cream powerup sequence
Screenshot from the thunderstorm level