D. A. Terre
Interaction designer | Experience engineer

Data Cubes

A prototype for a VR/AR data visualization and analysis tool.

Key metrics are represented by cubes which can be manipulated using natural hand interaction:

  • Each face of the cube represents a different segmentation, and can be pulled apart to visualize their ratios;
  • Time series can be accessed by an accordion-like gesture, revealing older cubes;
  • And a cube can be placed on an 'analysis' desk for an in-depth 3D representation

The design includes integration in a dedicated room where live-streaming from a fixed 3rd person perspective would be possible.






ux design, interaction design, coding, unity, ar/vr/xr
Screenshot showing a user pulling apart a data cube into country segments
Screenshot showing a user engaging with the time series of the data cube
Screenshot of the in-depth analysis table showing countries over time